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README: Mention Python 3 support

Also, since Ansible 2.5 is the first release to fully support Python
3-only targets, make that the minimum requirement.

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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ repository are also being used on [Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic
Beaver]( systems, and should be
working fine there as well.
Your deploy host must be running at least Ansible 2.4. Since that
Your deploy host must be running at least Ansible 2.5. Since that
version is not included in Ubuntu Xenial, you can install Ansible
[from a PPA](,
......@@ -390,6 +390,25 @@ succeed. Running Taiga on a low-memory platform generally isn’t
something that you should consider “supported.”
### Python 3
All of Taiga runs on Python 3, and [since Ansible 2.5 and later fully
support Python
the roles in this repository should allow you to build completely
“Python 2-free” systems.
However, the `rabbitmq-server` package in Ubuntu Bionic [currently has
a dependency]( on
`python` (the Ubuntu Python 2 package). Thus, if you run with
`taiga_enable_events: true` and/or `taiga_enable_async_tasks: true`,
which will install `rabbitmq-server` onto your `taiga-back` and
`taiga-events` nodes, you will pull Python 2 libraries into those
systems. This — [depending on your Ansible
— may or may not cause Ansible to revert to Python 2 on subsequent
## License
Like Taiga itself, these playbooks are licensed under the AGPL 3.0;
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