Commit 55e577ad authored by Florian Haas's avatar Florian Haas
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Drop unnecessary variable check

Support for the systemd module was added in Ansible 2.2; the "check
for required variables" task thus verified that taiga_service_manager
was set to "circus* if the playbook was run by Ansible 2.1 or
earlier. The README, however, has stated for a while that Ansible 2.5
is the minimal supported version, so this test is really rather
parent 02e8ccd8
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
- "taiga_secret_key is defined"
- "taiga_rabbitmq_password is defined or not (taiga_enable_events | bool or taiga_enable_async_tasks | bool)"
- "taiga_service_manager == 'circus' or ansible_version | version_compare('2.2', '>=')"
- taiga_secret_key
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