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    Support fallback to mount with mount target ip address when DNS resolution fails · 2abd13cf
    Yuan Gao authored
    * Support using DescribeMountTargets+DescribeAvailabilityZones calls to resolve mount target IP when DNS resolution fails (requires botocore and IAM permissions for DescribeMountTargets and DescribeAvailabilityZones)
    * Support mount to specific mount target ip address with mounttargetip option
    * Support mount with IAM identify by assuming aws profile (requires botocore)
    * Use IMDSv2 to fetch ec2 metadata by default, fallback to IMDSv1 when user disable the token fetch in config file or token fetch timeout
    * Fix an issue where stunnel cannot be established in pod after efs-utils being updated to use python3 on efs-csi-driver
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