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This package exists only to obsolete old packages which need to be removed from
the distribution in order to avoid dependency issues during upgrades.
# For now we are still relying on CentOS release notes for obsoleted packages.
Name: rocky-obsolete-packages
# This must be equal to the current/targetted Rocky release
Version: 8
Release: 4
Summary: A package to obsolete retired packages
License: Public Domain
URL: https://www.rockylinux.org/
BuildArch: noarch
Source0: README
# ===============================================================================
# Skip down below these convenience macros
%define obsolete_ticket() %{lua:
local ticket = rpm.expand('%1')
-- May need to declare the master structure
if type(obs) == 'nil' then
obs = {}
if ticket == '%1' then
rpm.expand('%{error:No ticket provided to obsolete_ticket}')
if ticket == 'Ishouldfileaticket' then
ticket = nil
-- Declare a new set of obsoletes
local index = #obs+1
obs[index] = {}
obs[index].ticket = ticket
obs[index].list = {}
%define obsolete() %{lua:
local pkg = rpm.expand('%1')
local ver = rpm.expand('%2')
if pkg == '%1' then
rpm.expand('%{error:No package name provided to obsolete}')
if ver == '%2' then
rpm.expand('%{error:No version provided to obsolete}')
if not string.find(ver, '-') then
rpm.expand('%{error:You must provide a version-release, not just a version.}')
local o = pkg .. ' < ' .. ver
print('Obsoletes: ' .. o)
-- Append this obsolete to the last set of obsoletes in the list
local list = obs[#obs].list
list[#list+1] = o
%define list_obsoletes %{lua:
local i
local j
for i = 1,#obs do
for j = 1,#obs[i].list do
print(' ' .. obs[i].list[j] .. '\\n')
if obs[i].ticket == nil then
print(' (No ticket was provided!)\\n\\n')
print(' (See ' .. obs[i].ticket .. ')\\n\\n')
# ========================================
# Please place non-python2 Obsoletes: here
# ========================================
# Erroneously added in 8.0
%obsolete_ticket https://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS8.1911
%obsolete rpm 4.14.2-11.el8_0
%obsolete binutils 2.30-58.el8.0.1
# Carried over into 8.1
%obsolete which 2.21-12.el8
# This package won't be installed, but will obsolete other packages
Provides: libsolv-self-destruct-pkg()
This package exists only to obsolete other packages which need to be removed
from the distribution for some reason.
Currently obsoleted packages:
%autosetup -c -T
cp %SOURCE0 .
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Louis Abel <label@rockylinux.org> - 8-4
- Initial obsoletes for Rocky Linux
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