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Use activate_session as a library instead of including in the codebase

parent 76547b85
......@@ -6,59 +6,13 @@ import gitlab
import koji
import requests
from cryptography.fernet import Fernet
from koji_cli.lib import activate_session
from distrobuild.mbs import MBSClient
from distrobuild.settings import settings
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(f"https://{settings.gitlab_host}", private_token=settings.gitlab_api_key)
# from
def ensure_connection(session):
ret = session.getAPIVersion()
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError:
raise Exception("Error: Unable to connect to server")
if ret != koji.API_VERSION:
print("WARNING: The server is at API version %d and "
"the client is at %d" % (ret, koji.API_VERSION))
def activate_session(session, options):
"""Test and login the session is applicable"""
if isinstance(options, dict):
options = optparse.Values(options)
noauth = options.authtype == "noauth" or getattr(options, "noauth", False)
runas = getattr(options, "runas", None)
if noauth:
# skip authentication
elif options.authtype == "ssl" or os.path.isfile(options.cert) and options.authtype is None:
# authenticate using SSL client cert
session.ssl_login(options.cert, None, options.serverca, proxyuser=runas)
elif options.authtype == "password" \
or getattr(options, "user", None) \
and options.authtype is None:
# authenticate using user/password
elif options.authtype == "kerberos" or options.authtype is None:
if getattr(options, "keytab", None) and getattr(options, "principal", None):
session.gssapi_login(principal=options.principal, keytab=options.keytab,
except socket.error as e:
print("Could not connect to Kerberos authentication service: %s" % e.args[1])
if not noauth and not session.logged_in:
raise Exception("Unable to log in, no authentication methods available")
if getattr(options, "debug", None):
print("successfully connected to hub")
# end
koji_config = koji.read_config("koji")
koji_session = koji.ClientSession(koji_config["server"], koji_config)
activate_session(koji_session, koji_config)
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