Commit f2c9afaf authored by Mustafa Gezen's avatar Mustafa Gezen 🏗
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Skip tagging to compose if already tagged

parent d6546e28
......@@ -41,9 +41,17 @@ async def atomic_sign_unsigned_builds():
if build.koji_id:
koji_session.packageListAdd(tags.compose(),, "distrobuild")
should_tag = True
build_tasks = koji_session.listBuilds(taskID=build.koji_id)
for build_task in build_tasks:
koji_session.tagBuild(tags.compose(), build_task["nvr"])
build_history = koji_session.queryHistory(build=build_task["build_id"])
if "tag_listing" in build_history:
for tag in build_history["tag_listing"]:
if tag[""] == tags.compose():
should_tag = False
if should_tag:
koji_session.tagBuild(tags.compose(), build_task["nvr"])
build_rpms = koji_session.listBuildRPMs(build_task["build_id"])
for rpm in build_rpms:
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