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These scripts assist in syncing to staging and to prod for releases, whether
they are full point releases, simple update releases, or a brand new repository
being added. Each script here has a specific purpose.
What to do?
When the scripts are being ran, they are usually ran with a specific purpose or
a reason. They are also ran in a certain order.
The below are common vars files. common_X will override what's in common.
├── common
├── common_8
These are for the releases in general. What they do is noted below.
├── -> Generates torrents for images
├── -> Syncs a minor release to staging
├── -> Preps staging updates and signs repos
├── -> Signs the repomd (only)
├── -> Syncs staging to production
├── -> Syncs a provided compose to staging
├── -> Syncs a sig provided compose to staging
Generally, you will only run `` when a full
minor release is being produced. So for example, if 8.5 has been built out, you
would run that after a compose. `` would be ran shortly after.
When doing updates, the order of operations (preferably) would be:
* ``
* `` Only if sigs are updated
* `` -> This is required to ensure the groups, compos, and
module data stay sane. This helps us provide older
packages in the repos.
* `` -> After the initial testing, it is sent to prod.
# Signs repo metadata only
# Source common variables
export RLVER=8
# shellcheck disable=SC2046,1091,1090
source "$(dirname "$0")/common"
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