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fix modder

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...@@ -116,8 +116,8 @@ EOF ...@@ -116,8 +116,8 @@ EOF
function treeinfoModderKickstart() { function treeinfoModderKickstart() {
BaseOSArch="${1}" BaseOSArch="${1}"
TREEINFO_VAR="${STAGING_ROOT}/${RELEASE_DIR}/BaseOS/${BaseOSArch}/os/.treeinfo" TREEINFO_VAR="${STAGING_ROOT}/${RELEASE_DIR}/BaseOS/${BaseOSArch}/kickstart/.treeinfo"
PRISTINE_TREE="${STAGING_ROOT}/${RELEASE_DIR}/BaseOS/${BaseOSArch}/os/.treeinfo-pristine" PRISTINE_TREE="${STAGING_ROOT}/${RELEASE_DIR}/BaseOS/${BaseOSArch}/kickstart/.treeinfo-pristine"
test -f "${TREEINFO_VAR}" test -f "${TREEINFO_VAR}"
treeinfo_retval=$? treeinfo_retval=$?
test -x /usr/bin/python3 test -x /usr/bin/python3
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