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fix up for shellcheck

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......@@ -59,21 +59,18 @@ for ARCH in "${ARCHES[@]}"; do
# Copy the ISO and manifests into the main isos target
cp "${SOURCE}"/*.iso "${TARGET}/"
cp "${SOURCE}"/*.iso.manifest "${TARGET}/"
pushd "${TARGET}" || exit
# shellcheck disable=SC2086
for file in *.iso; do
printf "# %s: %s bytes\n%s\n" \
"${file}" \
"$(stat -c %s ${file})" \
"$(sha256sum --tag ${file})" \
| sudo tee -a CHECKSUM;
# call out for checksum creation on the ISOs
pushd "${STAGING_ROOT}/${CATEGORY_STUB}/${REV}" || { echo "Failed to change directory"; exit; }
for file in isos/**/*iso*; do
arch=$(echo $file | cut -d\/ -f 2);
printf "# %s: %s bytes\n%s\n" \
"$(basename $file)" \
"$(stat -c %s $file)" \
"$(cd isos/${arch}/ && sha256sum --tag $(basename $file))" \
| sudo tee -a isos/${arch}/CHECKSUM;
popd || { echo "Failed to change directory"; exit; }
# make a kickstart directory
for ARCH in "${ARCHES[@]}"; do
for REPO in "${MODS_REPOS[@]}"; do
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