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patch disruptor

patch {
file: "ROCKY/_supporting/patch_spec.patch"
diff --git a/SPECS/disruptor.spec b/SPECS/disruptor.spec
index 0a33137..79c3363 100644
--- a/SPECS/disruptor.spec
+++ b/SPECS/disruptor.spec
@@ -12,12 +12,18 @@ Source1:{name}/%{version}/%{name
BuildRequires: maven-local-openjdk8
BuildRequires: mvn(junit:junit)
BuildRequires: mvn(org.apache.felix:maven-bundle-plugin)
+AutoReqProv: no
+Requires: (java-headless or java-11-headless)
+Requires: javapackages-filesystem
A High Performance Inter-Thread Messaging Library.
%package javadoc
Summary: Javadoc for %{name}
+AutoReqProv: no
+Requires: javapackages-filesystem
%description javadoc
This package contains javadoc for %{name}.
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