Unverified Commit ff15be23 authored by Sherif Nagy's avatar Sherif Nagy
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adding rocky's testing CA

parent 34008a4f
add {
file: "ROCKY/_supporting/rockysecureboot.cer"
file: "ROCKY/_supporting/rockylinuxbootsigningca101test.cer"
spec_change {
......@@ -13,10 +13,16 @@ spec_change {
search_and_replace {
field: "Source1"
find: "redhatsecurebootca5.cer"
replace: "rockysecureboot.cer"
replace: "rockylinuxbootsigningca101test.cer"
n: 1
changelog {
author_name: "Sherif Nagy"
author_email: "sherif@disroot.org"
message: "Adding Rocky testing CA"
changelog {
author_name: "Louis Abel"
author_email: "label@rockylinux.org"
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