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import alsa-utils-1.1.9-1.el8

parent 47f5491b
62d07a089cb702ad93deed570d8dd77f6e6a7aae SOURCES/alsa-utils-1.1.6.tar.bz2
9aee48df54a6df7519f50b9b62a13217e2a91bf8 SOURCES/alsa-utils-1.1.9.tar.bz2
%define baseversion 1.1.6
%define baseversion 1.1.9
#define fixversion .2
%global _hardened_build 1
Summary: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities
Name: alsa-utils
Version: %{baseversion}%{?fixversion}
Release: 2%{?dist}
Release: 1%{?dist}
License: GPLv2+
Group: Applications/Multimedia
......@@ -17,11 +17,13 @@ Source11: alsactl.conf
Source20: alsa-restore.service
Source22: alsa-state.service
BuildRequires: gcc
BuildRequires: alsa-lib-devel >= %{baseversion}
BuildRequires: libsamplerate-devel
BuildRequires: ncurses-devel
BuildRequires: gettext-devel
BuildRequires: xmlto
BuildRequires: python3-docutils
BuildRequires: systemd
Requires(post): systemd
Requires(preun): systemd
......@@ -33,6 +35,24 @@ Requires: alsa-lib%{?_isa} >= %{baseversion}
This package contains command line utilities for the Advanced Linux Sound
Architecture (ALSA).
%package -n alsa-ucm-utils
Summary: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Use Case Manager
Group: Applications/Multimedia
Requires: alsa-ucm >= %{baseversion}
%description -n alsa-ucm-utils
This package contains Use Case Manager tools for Advanced Linux Sound
Architecture (ALSA) framework.
%package -n alsa-topology-utils
Summary: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Topology
Group: Applications/Multimedia
Requires: alsa-topology >= %{baseversion}
%description -n alsa-topology-utils
This package contains topology tools for Advanced Linux Sound
Architecture (ALSA) framework.
%package alsabat
Summary: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Basic Audio Tester
Group: Applications/Multimedia
......@@ -59,13 +79,15 @@ make install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
# Install ALSA udev rules
mkdir -p %{buildroot}/%{_prefix}/lib/udev/rules.d
install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE10} %{buildroot}/%{_prefix}/lib/udev/rules.d/90-alsa-restore.rules
sed -e 's,@bindir@,%{_bindir},g' alsaucm/ > alsaucm/89-alsa-ucm.rules
install -p -m 644 alsaucm/89-alsa-ucm.rules %{buildroot}/%{_prefix}/lib/udev/rules.d/89-alsa-ucm.rules
mkdir -p %{buildroot}/%{_unitdir}
install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE20} %{buildroot}/%{_unitdir}/alsa-restore.service
install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE22} %{buildroot}/%{_unitdir}/alsa-state.service
# Install support utilities
mkdir -p -m755 %{buildroot}/%{_bindir}
install -p -m 755 alsaunmute %{buildroot}/%{_bindir}
install -p -m 755 %{SOURCE4} %{buildroot}/%{_bindir}
mkdir -p -m755 %{buildroot}/%{_mandir}/man1
install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE5} %{buildroot}/%{_mandir}/man1/alsaunmute.1
......@@ -84,16 +106,16 @@ install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE11} %{buildroot}/etc/alsa
mkdir -p -m 755 %{buildroot}/var/lib/alsa
%files -f %{name}.lang
%doc COPYING ChangeLog TODO
%config /etc/alsa/*
%exclude %{_prefix}/lib/udev/rules.d/*alsa-ucm*
......@@ -103,6 +125,7 @@ mkdir -p -m 755 %{buildroot}/var/lib/alsa
......@@ -122,6 +145,9 @@ mkdir -p -m 755 %{buildroot}/var/lib/alsa
......@@ -132,8 +158,18 @@ mkdir -p -m 755 %{buildroot}/var/lib/alsa
%dir %{_prefix}/lib/alsa/init/
%dir /var/lib/alsa/
%files -n alsa-ucm-utils
%files -n alsa-topology-utils
%files alsabat
......@@ -159,6 +195,9 @@ fi
%systemd_postun_with_restart alsa-state.service
* Wed May 22 2019 Jaroslav Kysela <> - 1.1.9-1
- Updated to 1.1.9
* Tue Apr 03 2018 Jaroslav Kysela <> - 1.1.6-1
- Updated to 1.1.6
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