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Release package - All PR's should be against original/rpms/rocky-release
## Notes for Packagers/Builders
This package produces multiple variants of `rocky-release`:
* Stable: `rocky-release`, `rocky-repos`, `rocky-gpg-keys`, etc
* LookAhead: All packages appended with `-lookahead`
* Beta: All packages appended with `-Beta`
* If `--with=rllookahead` or `--with=rlbeta` are set in mock, those variants are built
* If both are set the same time, build will fail
When `--with=rllookahead` is set the minor version will typically be `y+1`. So if the current
stable is `X.0`, the next would be `X.1`.
For pre-releases/beta, both packages should produce `X.Y` until changed in the spec.
The `rllh` macro may be versioned out for future use. It does not have to be explicitly set.
A `rllh_minor` macro may be introduced in the future.
### How does this benefit us?
It allows us to track future minor releases from Stream and see how it will
affect us going forward. When a minor release is being branched, the "lookahead"
files can just be copied and a new "stable" release is made in preparation. The
beta of each RHEL tends to stick around for a month before a release is done,
which makes it easier to make sure everything "stays in line" for the most part.
### What about after the five year mark?
LookAhead will no longer be produced as the major version will then be in
maintenance only mode.
### What is the rloverride macro?
This simply sets the dist tag to `.el%{major}.override` and changes the ID="..."
tag in `/etc/os-release` to read as `rhel` rather than `rocky`. This helps us
perform very specific builds that cannot otherwise be debranded properly, eg
dotnet. This should also change the initial macros to only provide `%rhel` and
not CentOS or any other derivative macro name, as some packages specifically
look for these macros being set as well and *also* applies to those packages
that cannot be properly debranded or when debranding has not visual or
functional benefit.
8: Green Obsidian
9: Blue Onyx
10: Smoky Quartz
11: Lavender Calcite
Signing: None
Testing: bbe2c108
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