Commit d2f1dcc3 authored by Rocky Automation's avatar Rocky Automation 📺
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import shim-15.4-2.el8_1

parent e59da38b
......@@ -13,9 +13,9 @@
%global shimefix64 %{expand:%{SOURCE22}}
#%%global shimefiarm %%{expand:%%{SOURCE23}
%global shimveraa64 15-7.el8_1
%global shimveria32 15.4-4.el8_1
%global shimverx64 15.4-4.el8_1
%global shimveraa64 15-7.el8.1
%global shimveria32 15.4-4.el8.1
%global shimverx64 15.4-4.el8.1
#%%global shimverarm 15-1.el8
%global shimdiraa64 %{_datadir}/shim/%{shimveraa64}/aa64
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