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    Allow a CNAME DNS-name in addition to the EFS ID · e9af4aa4
    Pit Kleyersburg authored
    This change introduces additional logic which allows the user to specify
    either a fully-qualified EFS DNS name, or a custom DNS name that
    resolves to a fully-qualified EFS DNS name via a CNAME record.
    The EFS DNS name will then be compared to the EFS name we would have
    expected for the given EFS ID. If it doesn't match, we'll show the user
    a readable error message for this to aid in troubleshooting.
    Once the EFS DNS name has been verified, the rest of the logic is
    untouched. This means that this change only impacts the parameter logic
    at the very start and does not touch anything of the already tested,
    more critical logic.
    Important: the usage and internal logic to mount by EFS ID is unchanged,
    making this change fully backwards compatible.
    Fixes #9.
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