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import grub2-2.02-90.el8_3.1

parent 350ea27c
sbat,1,SBAT Version,sbat,1,
grub,1,Free Software Foundation,grub,2.02,
grub.rhel8,1,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8,grub2,@@VERSION@@,
\ No newline at end of file
grub.rocky8,1,Rocky Linux 8,grub2,@@VERSION@@,
......@@ -24,11 +24,9 @@ Source6: gitignore
Source8: strtoull_test.c
Source9: 20-grub.install
Source12: 99-grub-mkconfig.install
Source13: redhatsecurebootca3.cer
Source14: redhatsecureboot301.cer
Source15: redhatsecurebootca5.cer
Source16: redhatsecureboot502.cer
Source13: rockylinuxbootsigningca101test.cer
Source14: rockylinuxbootsigningcert101test.cer
%include %{SOURCE1}
......@@ -150,7 +148,7 @@ This subpackage provides tools for support of all platforms.
mkdir grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}
grep -A100000 '# stuff "make" creates' .gitignore > grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}/.gitignore
cp %{SOURCE4} grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}/unifont.pcf.gz
sed -e "s,@@VERSION@@,%{evr},g" %{SOURCE17} \
sed -e "s,@@VERSION@@,%{evr},g" %{SOURCE15} \
> grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}/sbat.csv
git add grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}
......@@ -170,10 +168,10 @@ git commit -m "After making subdirs"
%if 0%{with_efi_arch}
%{expand:%do_primary_efi_build %%{grubefiarch} %%{grubefiname} %%{grubeficdname} %%{_target_platform} %%{efi_target_cflags} %%{efi_host_cflags} %{SOURCE13} %{SOURCE14} redhatsecureboot301 %{SOURCE15} %{SOURCE16} redhatsecureboot502}
%{expand:%do_primary_efi_build %%{grubefiarch} %%{grubefiname} %%{grubeficdname} %%{_target_platform} %%{efi_target_cflags} %%{efi_host_cflags} %{SOURCE13} %{SOURCE14} rockylinuxbootsigningcert101test}
%if 0%{with_alt_efi_arch}
%{expand:%do_alt_efi_build %%{grubaltefiarch} %%{grubaltefiname} %%{grubalteficdname} %%{_alt_target_platform} %%{alt_efi_target_cflags} %%{alt_efi_host_cflags} %{SOURCE13} %{SOURCE14} redhatsecureboot301 %{SOURCE15} %{SOURCE16} redhatsecureboot502}
%{expand:%do_alt_efi_build %%{grubaltefiarch} %%{grubaltefiname} %%{grubalteficdname} %%{_alt_target_platform} %%{alt_efi_target_cflags} %%{alt_efi_host_cflags} %{SOURCE13} %{SOURCE14} rockylinuxbootsigningcert101test}
%if 0%{with_legacy_arch}
%{expand:%do_legacy_build %%{grublegacyarch}}
......@@ -504,7 +502,10 @@ fi
* Mon Mar 15 2021 Rich Alloway <> - 2.02-90
* Sun Apr 11 2021 Sherif Nagy <> - 2.02-90
- Adding Rocky testing CA, CERT and sbat files
* Sun Apr 11 2021 Rich Alloway <> - 2.02-90
- Apply Rocky Linux debranding changes
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Javier Martinez Canillas <> - 2.02-90.el8_3.1
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