Minor cleanups & Move appending PARRTUUID to a %post action in the ks

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Minor cleanups

  • RPI's do not have a bootlaoder known by linux distro's
  • chrony is already enabled @services
  • remove script for wifi fix, it is already done @image creation
  • rootfs-expand needs root privileges

_Group sections in functional order _ (Note this does not change anything, to me this workflow makes the ks more readable)

  • first all system related tweaks
  • second user creation
  • last cleanup

Clean yum cache

  • should reduce size shipped compressed image

Refactor default user creation

  • FIXME: why does the kickstart fail to create a user with appliance-tools?

Move PARRTUUID to a %post action in the ks

  • also chown the result ro the $SUDO_USER if ran with sudo
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